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CGI view of the consented plans

Welcome to our website on the Stockley House development

Here you can find information about the exciting future of 130 Wilton Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1LQ and the adjacent Hudson’s Place.

August 2023: A Milestone Achieved

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the demolition phase of Stockley House as of August 2023. This significant step marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the redevelopment of this iconic site. 

With the old structure now demolished, our focus shifts to the construction phase. Our vision for Stockley House is to create a vibrant, modern space that harmoniously blends with the dynamic Victoria area. This development is not just about building structures; it's about crafting a community and a future that resonates with the spirit of London.

Over the past few years we held meetings with key stakeholders and our community to consult on our plans for Stockley House. We subsequently receive planning permission from Westminster City Council. Your feedback was invaluable in shaping our vision for the building and how we contribute to the future of Victoria and Pimlico. 

After receiving planning permission we established the Stockley House Community Liaison Group to keep the community up to date with the status of the demolition of Stockley House and to build  relationships between the project team operating on site and neighbours and key stakeholders. Open communication is key to the success of our project and minimising potential disruption. In this regard we believe that Community Liaison Group has been an brilliant success and we intent to continue this high standard of transparency with those who might be impacted by these works.

This group met at regular intervals and formed the basis for communication between our contractors and neighbours, alongside regular newsletters, letters and ad-hoc notifications. Now that the demolition phase has concluded and there is a lull in onsite activity the meeting have been temporarily paused. The Community Liaison Group will restart as soon as the construction phase is ready to begin. You can keep up to date with our Community Liaison Group here.


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View of the consented scheme

The site

The site lies in the heart of Victoria adjacent to Victoria Station. The area comprises a rich mix of large-scale offices, retail, leisure, entertainment and residential uses.

Site location and surrounding landmarks
Site location and surrounding landmarks
View from Wilton Road looking South
1. From Wilton Road looking South
View from Wilton Road looking North
2. From Wilton Road looking North
Bridge Place looking at Hudson's Place
3. From Bridge Place to Hudson’s Place

The site is bounded by Wilton Road on its east side and Hudson’s Place on its west side. Bridge Place runs through the site as an underpass.

Victoria Station is one of the most iconic and busiest stations in Europe and has been welcoming people to the capital since 1862. Over the past decade, London has seen significant intensification of developments around major transport hubs and as such, this site is considered to be appropriate for development in the context of its relationship to the station and wider housing needs.

The area around the station has been a hub of regeneration, with recent and upcoming redevelopment initiatives, alongside improvements to Victoria Station itself. Given its proximity to the station, the site is exceptionally positioned to take full advantage of this accessibility. This location offers a prime opportunity to fully utilise the site's potential.